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The Kumihimo Companion

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Books for kumihimo enthusiasts

These are books in my reference collection. They're generally in acquisition order.
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Campbell Carey Beginner Carey Creative CTB Marudai
Martin Owen 250 Braids Kliot Kumihimo Round Rack
Kimono Kumi Percival Vogue Marudai 1 Vogue Marudai 2
Essence CTB Andean Vogue Kakudai Blue Ayatakedai
Owen Takadai CTB Takadai 1 Domyo Takadai Exquisite
CTB Disk and Plate Disk and Plate Carey Beads and Braids Carey Beading Twist
Ashley Knots CTB Takadai 2 CTB Takadai 3 Speiser
Carey 200 Parry Textures Sutherland Rep Wire Kumi
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February 16, 2012

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