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Kimono Kumi

A Step to Kimono and Kumihimo

edited by Kyoto Kimono Academy
translated by Yukiko Shima

1981, no copyright listed
ISBN unknown
Published by The Cultural Foundation for Promoting the National Costume of Japan
Hard cover, about 119 pages
Out-of-print, but copies are sometimes available from resellers

For the marudai
In English

A very interesting book with lots of sharp color photos. The first part is about
the kimono; the last part is about kumihimo.

Shows how to make the braids listed below. Also shows how to make a few decorative

Braids in this book:

Seq Braid Elements Shape Dai Look-Up Name Family
1 Yotsu-gumi 4 round marudai Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi) Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
2 Chain Yatsu-gumi (Kusari) 8 round marudai Kusari Tsunagi tbd
3 Narabi-Yatsu-gumi 8 square marudai Kusari Kaku Yatsu tbd
4 Kongo-gumi 12 round marudai Kongoh Z 12 Kongoh
5 Flat-Kara-Yatsu-gumi (Hira) 8 flat marudai Kawari Kara Yatsu tbd
6 Edo-Yatsu-gumi 8 round marudai Edo Yatsu Edo Yatsu
7 Tsuriito-gumi 8 round marudai Edo Yatsu Edo Yatsu
8 Kaku-Yatsu-gumi 8 square marudai Kaku Yatsu tbd
9 Kyo-Marugenji-gumi 16 round marudai Maru Genji tbd
10 Cobblestone pattern (Ishidatami-gumi) 16 round marudai Ishi Datami tbd
11 Laced Obijime 7 flat marudai Maru Yotsu Lace Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
12 belt 16 flat marudai Maru Yotsu Belt Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
13 Tsukushi-gumi 16 round marudai Tsukushi 16 tbd
14 Old Pine Tree (Oimatsu-gumi) 16 round marudai Oimatsu 16 tbd
15 Flat Karajoroku-gumi (Hira) 16 flat marudai Hira Kara 16 Hira Kara
16 Sprout-gumi (Futaba) 16 flat marudai Edo Genji I tbd
17 Flat Genji-gumi (Hira) 20 flat marudai Hira Genji 20 tbd

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