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GI Wire

Kumihimo Wire Jewelry

by Giovanna Imperia (USA)

2011, published by Potter Craft (USA)
ISBN 978-0-8230-8551-4
Soft cover, about 144 pages
Available from multiple sources

For the marudai, disk, plate
In English

Braiding techniques and 20 wire jewelry projects with instructions. Well-written
with beautiful photos.

Braids in this book:

Seq Braid Elements Shape Dai Look-Up Name Family
1 Maru Yotsu 4 round marudai Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi) Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
2 Kusari Tsunagi 8 round marudai Kusari Tsunagi Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
3 Kongoh Z Spiral 8 round marudai Kongoh Z Kongoh
4 Kongoh S Spiral 8 round marudai Kongoh S Kongoh
5 Flat Kongoh 8 round marudai Ridged Spiral Z 8 tbd
6 Kusari Kaku Yatsu 8 square marudai Kusari Kaku Yatsu tbd
7 Maru Genji 16 round marudai Maru Genji tbd
8 Kaku Yatsu 8 square marudai Kaku Yatsu tbd
9 Edo Yatsu 8 round marudai Edo Yatsu Edo Yatsu
10 Naiki 16 round marudai Naiki Edo Yatsu
11 Yatsu Se 8 flat marudai Yatsu Se tbd
12 Hira Nami 8 flat marudai Kara Yatsu tbd
13 Sixteen-Thread Anda (Plain) 16 flat plate Anda 16 Anda
14 Une 16 flat plate Une 16 tbd
15 Yatsu Se 8 flat disk Yatsu Se tbd
16 Kongoh 8 round disk Kongoh Z Kongoh
17 Kaku Yatsu 8 square disk Kaku Yatsu tbd
18 Kusari Kaku Yatsu 8 round disk Edo Yatsu Kawari Edo Yatsu
19 Edo Yatsu 8 round disk Edo Yatsu Edo Yatsu
20 Maru Genji 16 round disk Maru Genji Maru Genji
21 unnamed 16 flat disk Naka Tsukushi Variation tbd
22 unnamed 16 flat spiral disk Naiki Kongoh Spiral tbd
23 Naiki 16 round disk Naiki Edo Yatsu
24 Kata Sasanami 16 flat disk Kata Sasanami tbd
25 12 Bundle Yatsu Se 12 flat disk Yatsu Se 12 tbd
26 Similar to Hira Nami Yatsu 24 flat disk Mitake 24 tbd
27 Maru Yotsu 4 round disk Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi) Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
28 Maru Yatsu 7 flat disk Maru Yotsu Lace Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
29 Anda Zigzag 12 flat plate Anda Zigzag 12 Anda Shapes
30 Une Variation 20 flat plate Une 20 Variation tbd
31 Anda Variation 16 ruffle plate Anda Ruffle Anda Shapes
32 Chevron 24 flat plate Sasanami Variation tbd
33 Anda Spiral 12 flat spiral plate Anda Scallop Spiral 12 Anda Shapes
34 Sharp Corner Anda Spiral 16 flat square spiral plate Anda Pointed Spiral 16 Anda Shapes

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