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Kliot Marudai

Kumi Himo
Techniques of Japanese Plaitng [sic]

by Jules & Kaethe Kliot (USA)

1977, published by LACIS (USA)
ISBN 0-916896-11-0, 978-0-916896-11-9
Soft cover, about 20 pages
Available from LACIS and other sources. Color of the cover may differ from
the one pictured here.

For the marudai
In English

One of the early English-language works. It is interesting to note that the
dai on the cover is a takadai, although the book is about the marudai. It is
also interesting to note that the explanation of the diagrams states that
the movements are the same if the braid forms above or below the mirror.
[This is not always true.]

Shows how to make the braids listed below. Movement diagrams use "steering
wheel" notation. Braid photos are gray-scale and very grainy.

Braids in this book:

Seq Braid Elements Shape Dai Look-Up Name Family
1 4A Yotsu Gumi 4 round marudai Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi) Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
2 8A Narabi Kaku Yatsu Gumi 8 round marudai Kusari Kaku Yatsu tbd
3 8B Yatso Gumi 8 round marudai Edo Yatsu Edo Yatsu
4 8C Kara Yatsu Gumi 8 flat marudai Kara Yatsu tbd
5 8D Maru Yatsu Gumi 8 square marudai Kaku Yatsu tbd
6 8E Edo Yatso Gumi 8 flat marudai Shige Uchi tbd
7 8F Kusari Tsunagi Gumi 8 round marudai Kusari Tsunagi tbd
8 8G Tsukushi Gumi 8 round marudai Tsukushi tbd
9 12A Omuro Genji Gumi 12 flat marudai Omuro Genji tbd
10 12B Kira Kara Gumi 12 flat marudai Hira Kara 12 Hira Kara
11 16A Sazanami Gumi 16 flat marudai Sasanami Sasanami
12 16A Karakumi 16 flat marudai Karakumi tbd
13 32A Marugenji Gumi 32 square marudai Maru Genji 32 Maru Genji
14 32B Mitake Gumi 32 flat marudai Mitake 32 Variation tbd

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