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Japanese Silk Braiding Techniques
Basic Marudai Braids

by Catherine Martin (UK)

1986, published by Lark Books (USA)
ISBN 0-937274-59-3
Soft cover, about 93 pages
No longer in the publisher's catalog, but is still available from multiple sources

For the marudai
In English

One of the early English-language books on how to braid. Very detailed information.

Shows how to make the braids listed below.

Braids in this book:

Seq Braid Elements Shape Dai Look-Up Name Family
1 Yotsu Gumi 4 round marudai Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi) Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
2 Kaku Yatsu Gumi 8 square marudai Kaku Yatsu tbd
3 Maru-Genji Gumi 16 round marudai Maru Genji Variation tbd
4 Maru Yattsu 8 round marudai Edo Yatsu Edo Yatsu
5 Yattsu Rai Gumi 8 flat marudai Yatsu Se tbd
6 Kara Uchi Gumi 16 round marudai Naiki Edo Yatsu
7 Keiruko No Himo 16 round marudai Maru Kara tbd
8 Chidori Gumi 16 flat marudai Chidori tbd
9 Kongo Gumi 16 round marudai Kongoh Z 16 Kongoh
10 Oimatsu Gumi 16 round marudai Oimatsu 16 tbd
11 Shi-No-Nome Gumi 16 square marudai Shinonome Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
12 Mitake Gumi 16 flat marudai Hira Kara tbd

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