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A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Braiding

by Anne Gaston Percival (New Zealand)

1998, appears to be self-published
ISBN unknown
Soft cover, about 12 pages

My copy came with other books I ordered from a reseller. You may be able to
purchase it from Halcyon Yarn

For the marudai
In English

A very basic book. Unfortunately, my copy has an error in the Yotsu Gumi diagrams.

Here is more information about Anne Gaston Percival

Shows how to make the braids listed below. Note the eight-strand braid names
do not match the look-up names.

Braids in this book:

Seq Braid Elements Shape Dai Look-Up Name Family
1 Yattsu Rai Gumi 8 flat marudai Yatsu Se tbd
2 Yotsu Gumi 4 round marudai Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi) Maru Yotsu (Yotsu Gumi)
3 Narabi Kaku Yatsu Gumi 8 square marudai Kusari Kaku Yatsu tbd
4 Maru Yattsu Gumi 8 round marudai Edo Yatsu Edo Yatsu

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