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The Kumihimo Companion

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A collection of information for kumihimo enthusiasts

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NEW!  Braids from all but one book are in the Braid Cross-Reference
NEW!  You can sort and filter the Braid Cross-Reference
NEW!  Braid sample photos for some of the braids (Braids & Equipment)
NEW!  Links page: New and updated links

This site is under construction... additional work and features are planned:

Add braids from one more book to the Braid Cross-Reference
More work on assigning "look-up name" and "family" to braids
More braid pictures and some braider's notes
Kumihimo Victoriana (Victorian braids translated for today's braiders)
Some monographs about various topics
Equipment pictures and pages
Helpful hints
Braid "DNA" (a conjecture about how some braids may have evolved from others)

November 28, 2011

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